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SilkLeis for your wedding or 
closer look atthe bulk Leis for Luaushere 

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QTYdiscount Available for luaus,  
Graduations,Weddings and etc,  
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mostleis shown here are from $3.00 - $25.00  
dependingon how "real" the silk leis look, the more 
reallooking, the more it us toll free for quotes 
They are for color references only, prices varies 
click to enlarge picturecheckout all the leis selection here 
click to enlarge pictureand below... 

Most of these leis are from$3.50 - $18.00 
These are Page 2 leis 
ch76 & cb60 are $3.50 ea and NOT $3.00 
click to enlarge picturemorenice silk leis 

Most of these leis are $3.00- $9.00 
These are Page 2 Leis 
click to enlarge picture 

Most of these leis are $3.50- $5.00 
Prince, Princess, and ABCLeis are all $3.50 NOT $3.00 
These are Page 3 Leis 
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Most of these leis are $9.0- $15.00 
These are Page 3 Leis 
click to enlarge picture 

Flower Clips $6.00 each 
These are Page 4 Leis 
click to enlarge pictureforyour hair only, hawaiian hair clips! 

click to enlarge pictureHibiscus Detail Leis
also avail is Haku Head Leis , closeup here

click to enlarge pictureBougainvillea Haku $12.00  & click to enlarge picture Leis $18.00 

click to enlarge pictureilima Leis $21.00  & click to enlarge pictureEnhanced Orchid $18.00 

click to enlarge picture real looking 3 tone Maile Lei $21.00 

click to enlarge picture Nice plumeria leis $12.00 click to enlarge picturePlumeria Haku Leis $12.00 

click to enlarge pictureAnthurum Leis  $18.00, Haku Leis $12.00, 

click to enlarge picturePakalolo happy leis  $9.00 each, (shown is about 6 together) 
here's the singleversion for $9.00 each 

click to enlarge pictureshownis enhanced orchid leis 

click below for bigger pictures and closerlook 
click to enlarge pictureAnthurumLeis in Red or White $18.00 

click to enlarge pictureOrchidClusters in Natural Purple and white  $18.00 

click to enlarge picturePinkOrchid  Clusters  in Pink and red  $18.00 

click to enlarge pictureyellow& lavendar Orchid Clusters    $18.00 

click to enlarge pictureBougainvilleawith leaves in White  18.00 

click to enlarge pictureiIlima  Strand Lei   $21.00 

click to enlarge pictureBougainvillea in all purple or all white $18.00 

click to enlarge pictureBougainvillea in multicolors $18.00 

Haku Head Leis for your head, with stretchy band 
here's some pics here 

Cluster Leis here 

Also Avail are Haku(head) leis for most of the leis above as well as 
MaileLei Strands that are open 
ended..pic coming soon. 
all leis are NOT REAL and are made withSilk or man 
made material. NO scents but it last aLOT longer than 
real leis and you will not have an allergicreaction to  
these leis as you would with real flowers..butif you take a picture with it, it looks can check out  
some of ourcustomers here in our picture gallery for  
and see for yourself! 

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Bulksilk leis for luau, quantity discount... 

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include description and colors please 

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