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HAWAIIAN JEWELRY  Request Catalog    Return Policy   Shipping  Charges
authentic Hawaiian Jewelry like, hawaiian heirloom bracelet, hawaiian ring, hawaiian pendant, hawaiian sets, or hawaiian warrior helmets, hawaiian wedding ring sets, cz hawaiian rings, tapered hawaiian rings, cutout hawaiian pendants, 6mm hawaiian bracelets, 8mm hawaiian cutout bracelets, 10mm hawaiian raised letter rings, hawaiian maile scroll rings, plumeria earrings, plumeria pendants, plumeria rings, plumeria bracelets, or other hawaiian heritage jewelry, Silver gold turtle quilt bangles, rings, bracelets, you are at the right website, call us toll free for best service. Engraving is always FREE of charge, NO letter limits, inside engraving is Free of charge also, For custom maded hawaiian rings, hawaiian bracelets, or hawaiian pendants,
the custom enamel for your letters are warranty for life as well. you just bring it back to us and we will reenamel your name
at no charge. (shipping is extra) 
  Shop using pictures here  for  BRACELETS     or    RINGS    or     PENDANTS
click for more info...Hawaiian Heirloom Rings
- Free Engraving in English or Hawaiian
  6mm Ring 8mm Ring  10mm Ring
- Silver  Available on all sizes & mm

& Pendants

Hawaiian Engraved Bracelets
- Free Engraving in English or Hawaiian
- from 5mm to WAY big!!! 

Hawaiian Set (ring, pendant, bracelet) 
14k Hawaiian Set with  Bracelet, Ring, & Pendant
Sterling Silver Set with  Bracelet, Ring, & Pendant


no name hawaiian rings
click here and go down to bottom right

New Hawaiian Style Keychains 

GUAM  Bracelets, Seals, Earrings, & Ring!

 14k Hawaiian Watch
- Seiko Movement, cutout !

plumeria jewelry click here

NO NAME Hawaiian silver jewelry bangles
click here and go down to bottom right of page.

Pick your own Scrolls!
Call to Order 1-877-398-1688


Hawaiian Jewelry Bracelets Section      back to top
Silver and gold Turtle Quilt Bracelets
14k or Silver Hawaiian Quilt Watch 
14k or Silver Hawaiian Quilt Link Bracelet
14k or Silver Hawaiian Quilt Clasp Bracelet

 14k Hawaiian Engraved Bracelets- (6mm - BIG Size) 
Silver Available   Free engraving, choose your scrolls and you are set!

14k ID Rope C/O Bracelet
S/S Honu Bracelet

14k Hawaiian Cutout Scroll Watch
Bamboo Bracelet
3plum clasp bracelet
Pineapple Bracelet
Petro Honu Silver bracelets
20mm Mukai  Bracelet
22mm Hibiscus  Bracelet
28mm Cutout  Bracelet
3D Plumeria Link ID Bracelet
8mm 3 Rope ID  Bracelet
5 Plumeria  Bracelet
10mm LINK ID Bracelet
8mm RAISED LINK ID Bracelet
(8-2)Dome shaped (Ming's) Type Bracelets
Plumeria Link Bracelet  - 9mm or 11mm, Silver Available
Link Bracelets - Plumeria Cutout, Maile Scroll
Men's S/S Bracelet

Hawaiian Jewelry Ring Section back to top
Hawaiian Heirloom Rings
- Free Engraving in English or Hawaiian
click for more info...
6mm Ring
8mm Ring
10mm Ring
- Silver  Available on all sizes & mm 

Silver and gold Turtle Quilt Rings
14k 9mm Plumeria Cutout B/E Ring 
14k 9mm Maile Cutout Ring 
14k 8mm Plumeria Cutout Ring 

Plumeria Style Rings
- The rage in the Hawaiian Isle that's erupting in the mainland
 (6-4) Double Plumeria Ring
3 Plumeria Ring
- Silver  Available
(6-9) 3 Plumeria CZ Ring
 (6-11) Single Plumeria Ring
 (6-13) Dome Plumeria Ring
 (6-19) Dome Plumeria Ring

CZ Rings
- The Best grades of synthetic Diamond set hawaiian Style
CZ Taper Cutout Ring
 (6-7) CZ Taper Scroll Ring
 (6-8) French Mount CZ Ring
 (6-21) Diamond Taper Ring

Initial Hawaiian Rings
- Engraved with your initial for a distinctive look
 (6-10) Oval Initial Cutout Ring
 (6-14) Initial Rect. Ring
 (6-15) Heart Initial Ring
 (6-16) Cutout Initial Ring
 (6-20) Taper Initial Ring
 (6-22) Oval 2 Initial Ring
 (6-23) Octagon Raised Init. Ring
 (6-24) Octagon B/E Init. Ring
 (6-25) Taper Initial Ring
 (6-26) Taper Initial Ring
 (6-28) Taper Initial Ring
 (6-29) Large Initial Ring
 (6-30) Rect. Initial Ring

Other Style of Rings
- More Styles for you to choose from
Ring Guards
 (6-12) Cutout Floral Ring
 (6-17) Cutout Taper Ring
 (6-18) Cutout Taper Ring
 (6-27) 2 name Taper Ring

Hawaiian Jewelry Earrings Section      back to top

Petro Honu Earrings
Silver and gold Turtle Quilt Earrings
Petro Honu Earring & Pendants

S/S Turtle Earrings
Heart Initial Earrings
Plumeria Studs - 9mm - 30mm, Post, French Clip, Silver Available
Plumeria Taper Dome Earring - 10mm widest, Tapered with French Clip
Plumeria with Maile Leaves  Earring - 6mm -15mm , Classic Hawaiian Earrings, Silver Available

(7-2-3)Plumeria dangling - Different lengths & Styles

Hawaiian Jewelry Pendants Section      back to top
Choke Guam  Chamorro Jewelry in now
New Palaoa Hook
Hula Girl Pendant
Hexagonal pendant
Quilted Pendants
New Ikaika with open back
4 plum dangle pendant
Petro HOnu Pendants
Hawaiian Style Keychains 
Hawaiian Heirloom Vertical Name Pendant
- Free Engraving in English or Hawaiian
 (2-3) Pendants

14k Horizontal Slider
S/S Turtle Pend 
Plumeria Heart Pendants
3-d Hibiscus PENDANT
3-d Plumeria ID PENDANT
8mm All Plumeria  Horizontal Name Necklace
8mm Horizontal Name Necklace
8mm Curl Cutout Name Pendant
 All Around Plumeria Necklace- 9mm 16" or 18" Available
Plumeria Rope Chain Necklace- 3 or 5 Flowers with 16" or 18" Available, Silver Available
3d Plum ID Necklace

Men's Pendants
Ikaika- Hawiian Warrior Helmets
Fish Hooks, & Paloaloa Hooks, & Code of Arms
- Solid Pieces wore for protection
Warrior Helmet - 5 different sizes 
Code Of Arm - 2 different sizes
Init. Code Arm
Init. Palau Hook- 2 different sizes
Shark's Tooth

Hula Girl Crouch Pendant
Hula Girl Standing Pendant
(2-5) Plumeria Pend
 (2-6) Bead Sliders
 (2-7) Heart Pendants
 (2-8) Cross 
Horzontal Tube Sliders with Dangling Plumeria Pendants - 2 different sizes & dangling items
- Silver Available
 (2-10)  Heart Pendant
Vertical  Tube Pendants - 3 dimentional tubes with Beautiful Designs
- Silver Available
 (2-12) Kuuipo Pend
 (2-13) Square Pend 
 (2-14) 6mm Horz. Pend


questions? email or ph.702.368-0808
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