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 don't see the "stuffs" you like? email us..we might have it in our store!   to order use this form

Alphabetical order!   See Just the New stuffs!  HomeGift Suggestions

Aloha Shirts from Hawaii- Made There! We Specializes in 3X & 4X Online!!

Aprons in Hawaiian Prints 

Auto Car shades 

Baby Blanket sets 

BackPack on Wheels Luggage

Backpack - for Kids

Backpacks - in Canvas

Backpacks - Quilted

Bag - Shoulder Bag

Bags - Lauhala with Hibiscu Airbrush

Bags- Kid's Drawstring Bag

Bags- Kid's Purse


BOOKs- Hawaiian Dictonary 2 types

BOOKs- Recipe Book from Maui 50th Anniversary Version

Books - How to play Slack Key Guitar with CD

Book and Cassettes on Hawaiian Language

 BUMPER STICKERS- Over 10 types

BUMPER STICKERS- Racing Decals,  Local Boys, West Side Pride & more!

Candle holder

Car shades 

Coolers and Lunch Bags

2001 New Calendars

2001 CALENDAR- all from Hawaii

CEL Phone Holder

CEL PHONE FACEPLATES - For Nokia 5100/6100 Series Phones!

CD Holder

CD List - all we need is song name or title of song and we can get the cd!

Chair - Adult Canvas chair

Chair - Kids Canvas chair

Chair - Kids Folding chair

Chamorro Items

Checkbook Set

Clocks - Hawaiian Isle Clocks 

COCONUT OIL & keep taN lotion- The Real Stuff...100% PURE

COOKBOOK- Recipe Book from Maui 50th Anniversary Version

Cups and mugs

Hawaiian Print Chairs 1

Hawaiian Print Chairs 2

DICTIONARY- Hawaiian Dictonary 2 types

 Fabric - Updated

FIMO EARRINGS- done on the islands, Nice & light & Beautiful


 FLAGS- Hawai'i, Samoa (West & AM), Guam, Tonga

Frames - Picture Frames with FREE Hawaiian Art Print

Frames in 3D Flower styles to choose from 

Frames -Hawaiian Fabric 

FRAMES- 5" X 7" Hawaiian Frames in 3-D.    4 styles

Hats - Fisherman hats  with cords

Hats - Nice Men's Hats

Hats - New Visor - Hawaiian stylin'

Hawaiian Jewelry - What we are famous for!

HAWAIIAN STYLE  STICKERS- The Real Ones from Back home!

Honu / Turtle or Dolphin Display

display ocean themed- whales, honus, dolphins

Hula Dancer Table Display

Hula Brand Hawaiian Flavored Cigars

 Hula DOLLS- Yes, The Wiggling Dash Board Type!

 Hula Skirts- Ranges in Sizes & Options!

 Ikaika Warrior Helmets -  2 sizes and beaded on one of them 

Kava Kava or Hawaiian 'Awa


Keychains - Pewter Honu, Surfer keychains

Kitchen Sets

Lamps Hula girl and etc as  high as 4 feet!

Lauhala Boxes


 LEIS- Luau Plastic Leis, Looks Real & fun to give!

Leis made out of REAL MONEY

License Plates Holders

LOTION -  Stong Hawaiian Scents, Pikake & All

Lotion - Maui Babe Lotion

LUGGAGE TAGS -  Travel in style

Maui Babe Lotion

Magazine Rack

Mats- Tatami and Straw Beach mats

Maori & Polynesian whaletails & hoop pendants

Mini Me Surfboards!- Gotta See it to believe it!


Music Catalog - Call for the Most updated titles or email us

MUGS in hawaiian prints

Tiki Mugs & New Hawiian coffee mugs

 Napkin holder

Nylon WashCloth - Yup! The Real kine for your body!

Orchids & Flower Display - Yup! The Fake kine that looks REAL

Quilted Pot Holders

Quilted Kitchen Mittens

 Pareau - Bikini Style Long String

Paper-To do list pads and Note pads

Paperweight / display ocean themed

Parking Sign for Polynesians

Pencil Case- for kids

Pens in HawaiianPrints

 Pens in  Bamboo

Perfumes in Hawaiian Flower Scents

Photoalbums - padded hand made

 Photo Albums in Hawaiian Style

Placemats Hibiscus flowers & coasters 

 Puka shells with Koa Beads

Puka shell necklaces, wood, metal, & shells, fishooks too!


Rice Cooker/Warmer - 10 Cup and lots of extras

Samoan - Items

Salts / Seasoning  - Hawaiian Salt Seasoning

Santa Hats

Sarongs and Pareaus 

Seat Covers - UPDATED with new prints (Quilted version)

SeatBelt Comforter- Ride in style

Shower Curtains

Remove Shoes Signs for your house

 Sink Strainers - for the Kitchen or for the Bathroom, we get 'um!

 Slippers - Locals Brand

woman slippers  3 new styles of 

SLIPPERS - Black hibiscus Slippers

SLIPPERS - Lauhala hawaiian prints

SLIPPERS - Color 2 Hibiscus Prints Slippers

SLIPPERS - Black with Plumeria Print Only ON SALE

SLIPPERS - Hawaiian Style Brand - Stylin' prints and colors

SLIPPERS - PINK & BLACK - Pink Hibiscus Wedges,  Black Plumerias !

SLIPPERS - Scotts Type - Extra hard Rubble Sole, Last Forever

SLIPERS - Surfah's Brand Hawaiian Slippers

SPAM Musubi Mold - Single and Double Available

STEERING WHEEL COVER - Cover your most important part!

STICKERS - HAWAIIAN STYLE- The Real Ones from Back home!

Sun Tan Lotion Maui Babe Lotion

T-shirtsHawaiian Brand t

T-shirts Chamorro Clothing


Toilet Paper holder

tiki, police, and other keychains


Towels in new Hawaiian Prints! 

Turtle Honu Stuffed Dolls as big as 25" long!

Ukulele Carry case


Wallets -  Surfah Style...wet or dry, your money goin' stay!


Wallets - made with Hemp in 3 styles

Wallets with - Check BOOK

Warrior Helmets Warrior -  2 sizes and beaded on one Of them


 WRIGGLING Hula DOLLS- Yes, The Wiggling Dash Board Type!


New CDs From....
Fiji - Grattitude
Na Wai - Together
Jack De Mello - Music of Hawaii Compilation 
Mike Kaawa - Hwn Boy 
H'oopi'i Brothers - Aloha from Maui 


Newest Addtion to our Fine Hawaiian Jewelry Collection
Link Bracelets - Plumeria Cutout, Maile Scroll 
Shark's Tooth
Hula Girl Crouch Pendant
Hula Girl Standing Pendant






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