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What is Dreamlist?  it's a wishlist service provide for FREE by It allows you
to maintain a wishlist, wedding registry, or a dreamlist, or even use it as your own "things to do list" online.
A website address will be assigned to your login name. you will be able to give it to anyone and they can come
by and see what gifts you'd like.

How much does it cost to you? FREE, however, you are only allowed 3K of space and if you have more than that, you will get a warning, and the next step is removal of your list.  To give you an example, each items take up about 30 bytes, so that about 100 items on your list. More than enough for most people. Hopefully, you will continue to shop with & so we can keep this service free!

What if i forgot my login name or password?  All's lost, we don't keep any of that information. You have to do it  ALL OVER AGAIN.

What if i fogot my website link? Once you log in, it's displayed at the bottom of your wishlist.

Any customer support?  None. There's no support for this free service. It's pretty self explainatory.

Are my info secured?  No, but what's the point of keeping your gift list secured? after all, don't you want people to know what you want?

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