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HAFA ADAI      -    Chamorro Items 
here's a list of what you can find from 
There's more chamorro items, just call us toll free for more info.
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New Bamboo Bracelets
New Guam Shirts here!

Chamorro Music
Clothing from Hawaiian
Tshirts in Guam /  Chamorro
Chamorro Dictionary
Guam 3ft x 5ft Flags
Guam Car Rear View Mirror Flags
Chamorro License Plates for Auto
Bamboo Bracelet Jewelry
Bamboo Rings
Chamorro children word book
Parking signs for Chamorro
Guam Seal

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Any more items interested, Send us an email and let us know, we either are planning for it or might have it in already!


Chamorro Music List
here's a small list of CDs available, most will take 2-4 weeks to
order. We have some popular ones in stock,
call us toll free to order 

Chada Fresko, Chroizos Pakpak Yan E Pan
Hello Darling / Hafa Neni
Baby I’m For Real
Chamorro Country Singer
Love Till The End
Forever My Love
Loving You / Hagu Solo
Soft & Sweet
Jackie Marie
Baby Let’s Go Back
Greatest Memory
Heavenly / Langet Hao 
Superstar Super Hits Volume 1
Chamorro Classics
Guamerica Country
Achy Breaky Heart
Mor Hot Dan Tabasco/Masese
Special Songs for Special Occasions V.1
Chamorrita Sunset Fiesta Souvenir V.1
Chamorro Christmas (Kantan Nobena)
Christmas In Agana
Merry Christmas To You
(Christmas CD’s suggested retail at $10.00 each)

Ha’anen Kasamiento
Kumu Ti Hagu
Estorian Un Dandero
Anna’s Song
Munga Hinalang  (b.o.)
If Only
Nino Jesus I (Christmas) (Andy)
Pot Fabot Fan Hasu

Frank ‘Bokonggo’ Pangelinan
Guaiyayon Na Kantan
O Tata
Ai Neni
Sangan Kontiempo
Merry Christmas / Felis Pasgua
Ni Nana Yan Tata
Star Sand 
Nino Jesus II (Christmas)
Best of Bokonggo Vol. 1
Best of Bokonggo Vol. 2 (Cha Cha V.1)
Best of Bokonggo Vol. 3
Best of Bokonggo Vol. 4
Best of Bokonggo Vol. 5 (Hu Tugi Un Katta)
Best of Bokonggo Vol. 6 (Cha Cha V.2)
Hagu Ha Na Flores

J.D. Crutch
Entre Hagu Yan Guahu
Payon Manayu’os
Guinaifen Manglo
Apo Magi
Toktok Magi
Talo Un Biahi
Nanan Mami
Last Sessions I
Last Sessions II

Chamorro Superstars
Greatest Hits Volume 1
Greatest Hits Volume 2
Greatest Hits Volume 3
Greatest Hits Volume 4
Greatest Hits Volume 5
Greatest Hits Volume 6
Greatest Hits Volume 7
Greatest Hits Volume 8

Various Local Artists / Bands
John Mafnas / Up Close
Evelyn / Na’ Kanta Yu’
Guam Bud World Party
Big Red Orange / Must Find
IDK / Life Is What It Is
IDK / Jamoan Reggae
Candy Taman / Greatest Collection V.1
Candy Taman / Bonitan Flores
Various Artists / Island Favorites Vol. 1
 “Chamorro Top 4”

St John’s Choir / Tumon Bay
St. John’s Choir / Christmas Cha Cha
Remy, Jocelyn & Jean / Ai Nana
Compadres / Hafa Adai Ginen Compadres
Mico & Stevie / I Belong
Alfred Saurus / Si Neni
Alpha Espina / Heart & Harmony
Alpha Espina / Christmas
Alpha Espina / Sirena 
Everybody Loves to Cha Cha Cha
Christmas Tymz

JJ Concepcion
Mames Nana
Si Yuus Hu Confotmi
Bira Hao Magi

Johnny Sablan
Dalai Nene
Isla Collection
(also has various cassette titles)

Gus & Doll
Collection Volume 1
Collection Volume 2

Tony Fergurgur
Hagu Para Guahu
Gotte Yo Magi
Guahu Sin Hagu

Daniel de Leon Guerrero


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